My explorations stem from early trainings in dance, and an interest in the way information (both trauma and wisdom) is stored in the body. Believing in the power of kinesthetic learning, my work investigates personal and collective anatomy, the ways our bodies travel through the built environment and how we can gain a greater sense of ourselves and our histories through making, movement and touch. In my social practice Iā€™m interested in community building projects that use spatial design elements where participants are invited to access our histories, share our knowledge and recreate spaces that encourage us all to move through our environments in new ways.


Kim Loper is a designer, artist and educator who has taught and managed innovative arts programs in collaboration with schools, landscape architects, community centers, neighborhood groups and non-profit organizations for over 10 years. 

A product of Milwaukee public art schools, Loper continued her creative interests at the University of Minnesota where she studied Studio Art, American Studies and Social Justice. In 2009, after earning her undergraduate degree, Kim moved back to her hometown to work as an independent teaching artist and project manager where she began her professional practice. While she has a strong background in community organizing and teaching art to youth of all ages, she is particularly interested in utilizing social design strategies to reimagine and create a more equitable world. 

Loper lives in Baltimore where she is a recent graduate of the MFA in Community Arts program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Currently she is a 2017 Open Society Institute Fellow, growing Jubilee Art's Youth in Business program, an initiative that cultivates the entrepreneurial leadership skills of high school aged youth by providing hands-on experience operating an art and design-based business.